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Karl’s main activity was setting up a lean Global Program Management Office (9 workstreams) with tracking & reporting system. Furthermore he supported us with his set of methodologies like PROSTEU kompakt, PROZOPT kompakt, risk management and other tools.
We are very happy, that these implementations took much less time as planned and Karl could transfer his operational activities to my team.
Karl will support us, like in the past, during the entire program.

Program Manager, Health Care

top 6 reasons to fizzle

1. unclear specification and targets (70 %)

2. insufficient resources at start (45 %)qr code

3. politics, egoism, competence disputes (45 %)

4. missing PM experiences on management level (45 %)

5. insufficient planning (38 %)

6. poor communication (35 %)

10. high technical approaches (10 %)

lean PMO minimizes these risks

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